Biscuits for a bridal shower


The daughter of a dear friend of mine got married in the beginning of May. Knowing that she loves sugar cookies I decided to enlist my friend Giselle to help me decorate these biscuits and surprise her.

I used Lila Loa’s recipe and got 80 biscuits, using a 5cm round cutter. For the icing, we used Lisa’s recipe and although it says ‘half a batch’ we only used half of it! Read all about her royal icing technique here and about her royal icing transfers here.

P and T

First we made the royal icing and separated a small portion to use as 30-second icing, with which we designed the letters. After 24 hours, the letters were hard and dry so I painted them gold (I used gel food colouring). Make hundreds because they do break 😉

they do break

The next evening I made the biscuits and let them cool to be decorated the day before the bridal shower so they would have time to dry.

To make the white base, we separated another portion of the icing to make flood icing, applied it to the biscuits and put one of the letters on top while still wet.

They were such a hit that she begged me to make another batch for the wedding!

wedding cookies

12 responses to “Biscuits for a bridal shower

    • I’m always saying that someday I’m going to throw another wedding party for us – and these biscuits will definitely be in the menu 🙂 Thanks Liz! Have a nice Sunday!


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