Halloween treats

We had a belated Halloween party during our TGIF (Tabletop Gaming Friday). It was very nice to see everyone make an effort and improvise a costume =)

Here are some of the treats:

Mozzarelline orbits (mozzarelline and olive skewers in tomate sauce)

Slime soup (pea soup with mascarpone)
slime soup

Spider web cupcakes (vanilla cupcakes filled with Nutella and topped with royal icing)
spider web

And an assortment of chocolate cut-out biscuits (recipe here)

Jack Skellington
jack biscuits

Vampire’s teeth


Waiting for the monsters to arrive!

23 responses to “Halloween treats

  1. These all look amazing! I love the all biscuits, especially the Jack Skellington ones – they’re all so creative! And the spiders web on the cupcake is SO neat! I bet everything was delicious! x


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