Pigs in blankets

This is so incredibly easy and known worldwide that I’m almost ashamed to post it! 😉

Wesley dogs, tiger tails, kilted sausages, würstchen im schlafrock, worstenbroodjes… whatever you wanna call them. They are great for a Mad Men inspired cocktail party.

I used shop-bought puff pastry and cocktail size sausages and all I did was:

pigs in a blanket

cut the pastry into small rectangles,

pigs in a blanket

wrap the pastry around the sausages,

pigs in a blanket

brush them with a beaten egg,

pigs in a blanket

and bake in preheated oven (200°C) until golden brown on a tray lined with parchment paper.

31 responses to “Pigs in blankets

  1. Do not feel like these are too simple. I actually made my own pigs in a blanket last weekend and compared them to the frozen ones we already had – the “homemade” ones were much better 🙂


  2. This are always a favorite at every party! Always the first to go; everyone loves them! I love all the funny words you used to describe the sausages at the beginning of the post! I’ve never heard most of them, lol, gave me a chuckle! 😀


  3. Sausage rolls! Love ’em but the skins on sausages here are really thick, so I put the sausages in hot water, then peel of the skins, then do it as you’ve set out. It’s a fiddle but worth it : )


      • I haven’t tried those but I shall stick with what I know, as the meat is of good quality and definitely beef/pork, no hidden extras! The meat/puff pastry texture, fluffy and light, then dense and savoury, is just the best with sausage rolls. Yum.


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